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Reduce water use from 20% to 70% in the shower.

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Water & sewage problems pollute the water systems with narcotics & chemicals that can never be 100% removed. The Water Select® showerhead valve reduces water waste which cuts down on the volume that treatment plants have to process in order to keep up with the ever growing demand for fresh water.

The Water Select® Showerhead Valve Reduces Waste

Fresh rain water falls on roofs, streets and fields and from there it runs off and merges into the gutters, gulleys and streams of the water supply.  Once united with the existing water it combines with obtuse contaminated pollutants; the heaviest of which are petroleum derivates, pesticides and pharmaceuticals.  These 3- categories of pollutants are proving impossible to extract in the sewage cleansing process.

When investigating Water Quality of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers (.com), it becomes clear that both of these rivers are on the absolute brink of being totally non-potable due to the following (8) man inflicted, apathetic abuses, of the value of fresh water.

1. Channeling the river for barge traffic

2. Damming the river for barge traffic and hydroelectric power

3. Levee construction to control flooding

4. Industrial discharges

5. Agricultural runoff

6. Municipal sewage discharges

7. Surface runoff from mining activity

8. Surface runoff from municipalities

The Ohio River merges with the Mississippi River and together they provide the “fresh” water needs of millions of Americans.  Both rivers, and in fact practically all “fresh water” rivers around the globe, are dealing with these cumbersome contamination issues.  The immense contamination of the “fresh water supply” raises a Red Flag of Emergency!  

“Pharmaceuticals have been detected in the drinking water of at least 51 million Americans.” http://www.usnews.com/science/articles/2009/04/19/tons-of-released-drugs-taint-us-water  To the uninformed public, who blindly believe that the clear water from their tap is, “OK”, this imposes a State of Quiet Emergency.  The fresh water supply is in need of help, and/or relief, and educating the public is the place to start.  Then responsibility shifts back to the public to do something about it.

“Thank you St. Louis!   Until last year, the Bissell Point wastewater treatment plant in St. Louis, Missouri discharged roughly 150 to 200 million gallons of primary settled wastewater into the Mississippi River every day. That is essentially untreated sewage. They have since added secondary treatment to the facility.” http://civil.engr.siu.edu/301I_Ray/mississr.htm

Sewer treatment plants are charged beyond capacity, so in heavily populated areas they are discharging volumes of sewage back into the same rivers and lakes that the tap water originates. Every time water makes the loop; from river/lake to tap, to sewer treatment plant, back to river/lake, it carries more contaminates than it did on its previous rotation.  This alarming Water Emergency can be modified.

On average, 30% of the water used in a home is allocated to the shower/bath.  Reducing the volume of water used to take a shower is an excellent place to start reducing the volume of problematic sewage.  Water that circles the drain instantly becomes sewer water, or as it is known in the industry, purple water.

Showerheads are the logical place to start reducing the volume of water and therefore the volume of sewage every shower generates.  Reduced-flow showerheads play an important role in tapering this volume.  However, reduced-flow showerheads may not be enough to stem this water emergency.  

The Water Select® showerhead valve turns all showerheads into high efficiency units and goes above and beyond the water conservation offered by low-flow showerheads.  Connecting a Water Select® showerhead valve to existing showerheads allows manual adjustment of the water flow from full-flow all the way down to a complete stop, without decreasing standard water pressure.  Showerheads, in general, do not offer flow-control options.

Many times during the course of a shower it is feasible, even preferable, to reduce the flow of water coming out of the showerhead while tasks; such as:  soaping-up, shaving, brushing teeth, bathing children, bathing pets, bathing the elderly, or cleaning, are being performed.  Each of these tasks, when separately metered, can use between 4- to 8- gallons of water each.  

Water Select’s® showerhead valve easily installs between the shower arm and the existing showerhead and when the valve is used in conjunction with a 2.5 gpm reduced-flow showerhead, an automatic additional savings of 20% is realized, because the measure of water used is reduced by 1/2 gpm; all the while maintaining the original pressure. The full-flow, non-restricted-flow valve, is necessary for the larger rain showerheads, flowing more than 2.5 gpm.  Because flow-control is now a choice, savings have been tabulated as high as ~70%  with a mean average of ~45%.  20% to 45% to 70% reduction in water volume translates to 20% - 70% less water down the drain into the sewage revamping process.  This is why Water Select® is conservation with immediate effect.  

Water and Sewage are the Quiet Emergencies which necessitates immediate attention. People of community need to come together and find a course of action that will provide acceptable and effective solutions to help our present-day sewage treatment plants deal with the excessive volume of sewage we produce.  Read more of our site to see how conserving water contributes to upgrading water quality.

Water Select® Is Conservation With Immediate Effect.