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Water Select Is Conservation With Immediate Effect

Learn how to use less water in the shower from someone who is passionate about water conservation - Jeanene Tips.

The following page will explain how to become conscious of the best ways to effectively shower without the excessive waste. Water Select is Conservation With Immediate Effect.

How To Use Less Water In The Shower


By Jeanene Tips

How To Use Less Water in the Shower

T – The TIME is NOW to be conscious of how we can reduce the excess of water used to take a shower.

1. Step 1. Get a Water Select valve for every shower and use it with your existing shower head for an automatic 20% reduction in the amount of water used per shower.

2. Step 2.  After installing, inspect the quarter-turn, extended handle and see how using it increases & decreases the flow of water.

3. Step 3.  As you shower, wet your body, pull the handle down to reduce the flow of water while you:

• Soap up

• Brush your teeth

• Shave (applicable for both men & women)

• Bathe a pet

• Assist bathing an invalid

• Clean the shower

4. Step 4.  Increase the flow, push the handle up, to rinse off.

5. Step 5.  Start a shower-by-shower practice of consciously being aware of how you can use less water simply by controlling the flow.


I – Be INSTRUMENTAL in INSTRUCTING family members and friends about the IMPORTANCE of Conserving Water.

• Water is the Quiet Emergency

• Teens and pre-teens typically take long showers.  Explain to them that our supply of fresh water is limited, especially in heavily populated areas, and that by Conserving Water NOW they are helping ensure their future fresh water needs will be met. If we don’t start saving water today, there may not be enough water for tomorrow.

• It can take up to a minute, with the water running full-force or the water running at a trickle, for hot water to reach the faucet.  Turn on the hot water and divert it to the shower head, then pull down on the extended handle to reduce the flow to a trickle while you wait for the hot water to get there.  You can adjust the temperature while the flow of water is reduced, then lift the handle and you are ready to start your shower.  This practice alone will save gallons upon gallons of needlessly wasted water.

P –PULL  the extended handle down to reduce the flow of water.  

• Use the extended handle as a reminder to you and your family members that with the Water Select valve you have advanced technology within reach that with consistent use will go far toward fresh water conservation and $ave you money every time you take a shower.

• The extended handle is handicap accessible and very useful in bathing the elderly.

• Leave the handle in the down, or off, position to stop a shower head that drips.


• When you reduce the flow of water at opportune times during your shower, less water goes down the drain.  Using less water means less sewage.  Sewage is often more expensive that the cost of the water itself.

• When you reduce the flow of water, you use less hot water, which $aves on electricity/gas.

• One Water Select valve in every shower can $ave a family of three approximately $180+/year.

• The automatic 20% savings can escalate up to a whopping 70% $avings, if that is your intention, by operating the quarter-turn valve.  

Water Select Is Conservation With Immediate Effect.