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Reduce water use from 20% to 70% in the shower.

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Water Select® allows hotels to immediately save a minimum of 20% shower water usage on 2.5 gpm showerheads and reduce water and energy bills. No need to purchase new and expensive shower heads to start saving money and water. Water Select® products will not only save resources, but they will perform to your expectations. Using less water per shower allows Hotels to increase their bottom line.

Water Savings For Hotels

Water Select® Reduces The Water Footprint For Hotels

Tourism is both dependent on fresh water resources and an important factor in fresh water use. Tourist accommodations can have large, expensive energy and water requirements. Hotels are striving to be more environmentally friendly through the efficient use of energy and water while providing quality services.  

On average most hotels show approximately 100 gallons of water being used per guest per night, overall. There is a need to reduce water use due to high water rates and use restrictions. Hotels worldwide are recognizing opportunities to implement water and energy-efficient projects.  

Water and energy conservation can be as simple as using new water saving technology. The Water Select® valve is an excellent tool to implement water conservation in the shower. There is no need to purchase new and expensive shower heads to start saving money and water.  

Add the Water Select® valve and continue to use the existing shower head. Water Select® valves can be used in conjunction with reduced-flow shower heads for increased savings across the board in all utility bills.  

Become a green hotel and purchase one for every shower in your hotel and offer the Water Select® valve in your gift shop to help spread the word about saving our natural resources.

Water Select® Is Conservation With Immediate Effect.