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Reduce water use from 20% to 70% in the shower.

A huge return on investment - Calculate It Here

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Some low flow eco shower heads provide a savings with superior performance to reduce water consumption and save money.

Without the power to make adjustments the savings have been limited, until now. We are proudly introducing the Water Select® valve, a revolutionary new water saving device for your shower.

Water Select® Valve Used With Low Flow Shower Heads

Low Flow Shower Heads

Simply remove your existing shower head, screw on the valve, and install the shower head back into place. Enjoy the same shower you are accustomed to, without wasting nearly as much water. Turn the water off when shaving, bathing, or shampooing to save a lot more – possibly up to 70%. Our unique Water Select® valve is the ultimate water saving device for your shower because you can regulate the water flow. Simply turn the valve to adjust the flow to where you need it. The Water Select® valve pays for itself in just a few months. The average family of three can easily save over $180 per year. This is a huge return on investment. Water consumption in the shower is one of the biggest sources of waste in the home according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Power To Control The Water Flow

A low flow eco shower head is designed to optimize the flow of water through the shower head. In other words, the ports are smaller where the water travels through the shower head nozzles. This helps to prevent waste while the water is flowing. Our product is different - the valve allows you to control and regulate the flow to exactly where you want it. The ability to stop flow completely means you waste much less water, saving much more money.


We are offering a product for a one time small investment that will save you thousands of dollars on water, electricity, gas, and sewage utility bills. Go green and reduce both your water footprint and carbon footprint with the Water Select® valve.

Water Select®
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Water Select® Is Conservation With Immediate Effect.