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Reduce water use from 20% to 70% in the shower.

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Conservation With Immediate Effect with the Use of Our Innovative Shower Head Valve

Water Select® is the place to call when you want to conserve water. Our unique valve with handle is a completely original design that will soon revolutionize the water conservation process. It reduces water flow but not water pressure, allowing your family to get the full benefits of a hot shower.

How is Water Select® installed?

Water Select® valve is easily installed between your existing shower head and the water supply pipe. Simply turn left and unscrew the shower head, screw the Water Select® valve to the water supply pipe, then attach your shower head. Typically installs in less than 5 minutes!

The device immediately conserves 20% of the water without reducing the pressure you are already comfortable enjoying. Water flow can be regulated by adjusting the handle up or down. This feature allows you to save water & energy while shaving and or soaping up without altering the originally selected hot/cold water temperature. Water Select® valves will also stop shower drips!

Watch how easy it is to install a Water Select® valve in less than five minutes with no tools.

Watch our instructional video to see how to install the Water Select® shower head valve in about 1 minute.

Simply unscrew your shower head, attach our valve, then put your showerhead back on.

Don’t forget to apply a small amount of the tape over the threads to prevent leaks.

How To Install The Water Select® Shower Head Valve


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