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Reduce water use from 20% to 40% in the shower.

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Save on your electricity bill by learning to conserve water. Our valve reduces shower water consumption by 20% which means there is less waste water, and less gas or electricity to heat the water.

Our green product allows you to conserve water and help preserve our planets most valuable resource - water. Give us a call or check our online store to find the right product for you.

Save Energy By Saving Water With Water Select®

Go Green And Save Electricity With Water Select®

Efficiency and Conservation are major topics that involve science and technology and contribute to the sustainability of the Green Effort. We would like to discuss these major aspects and definitions are a great way to start.  

According to Wikipedia:

Energy efficiency refers to the efficient use of energy.

Water efficiency refers to the efficient use of water.  

Energy conservation refers to reducing energy through using less of an energy service.  Energy is subject to the Law of Conservation of Energy. According to this Law, energy can neither be created (produced) nor destroyed by itself; it can only be transformed or conserved.

Water conservation refers to reducing the use of water through using less. Water conservation is subject to the Law of Conservation of Water.  According to this Law, water can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed or conserved.

By utilizing energy conservation efforts we can use energy more efficiently; thereby, reducing our energy consumption.   The same formula applies to water.  By utilizing water conservation efforts we can use water more efficiently; thereby, conserving our limited supply.

Water Select® has made it its mission to raise the industry standards regarding conservation of water and the conservation of energy used for personal showers.  We utilized current technology and patented a valve that, when used with your current showerhead will give you the ability to automatically, or voluntarily, reduce your water, sewage and energy footprint.  

The Water Select® valve allows you to slow the water flow, as far down as a trickle, while you soap-up, massage the shampoo and/or conditioner through your hair, brush your teeth, shave, bathe your pet, bathe a loved one or clean the tub or shower area. Showering while performing any of these activities wastes anywhere from 4- to 8-gallons of water; EACH!

EPA/WaterSense.com says that, “Heating water for bathing, shaving, cooking, and cleaning requires a lot of energy. Homes with electric water heaters, for example, spend one-quarter of their electric bill just to heat the water.  Five minutes of running water uses about as much energy as letting a 60-watt bulb run for 22-hours.”  PS:  Turn the hot water heater off when you go on vacation.

It takes a significant amount of electricity to deliver and treat the water we use every day.  

Delivery:  If there were to be a total power outage you would not be able to get water from the tap because it takes electricity to power the massive pumps that push the water through the water pipelines. The State of California reports that 20% of all the electricity used is for the delivery of water.

Treating the water: For all the indoor water we use, we produce waste water in equal proportion.  Sewer treatment plants are industrial facilities that require massive pumps to bring the sewer water to them so they can start the process of recycling the water.

SavetheWater.com states that: “Every drop of water that circles a drain unnecessarily wastes energy through the manufacturing of chemicals in the cycle of sewage treatment.”

In conclusion:  The use of water is directly tied to the use of electricity.  By using less water we reduce our Water Footprint.  By using less electricity we reduce our Carbon Footprint.  This empowers, “Going Green.”

Buy a Water Select® valve for every shower in your home and profit from the overall savings.  You will quickly recognize that Water Select® is Conservation with Immediate Effect.


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