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Reduce water use from 20% to 70% in the shower.

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Save energy by saving water with Water Select®. Immediately save a minimum of 20% shower water usage and reduce your water and energy bill every month. No need to purchase new and expensive shower heads to start saving money and water. Water Select® products will not only save resources, but they will perform to your expectations. Using less water per shower allows for more family members the chance to also enjoy a hot shower.

Save Energy By Saving Water With Water Select®

Why Change? - WATER IS THE QUIET EMERGENCY and it is time for a new way to think about water and energy efficiency.

Are you still learning about how monstrous the global Water Emergency is?   It is predicted that the supply of fresh water available through our water taps today has a limited shelf-life.  That means that the supply is not infinite and that quite possibly our children will not have fresh water at their disposal, like we do.  This sets up a Water Emergency and requires forward thinking on our part!

Water is the Quiet Emergency.  It is our goal to show you how using the Water Select® valve, and decreasing the flow of water from your showerhead at various intervals during your shower, is a subtlety (behavior) that when gotten will cause a shift in the Water Emergency.

In 2008 it was estimated that In the U.S., the typical single-family home used about 69.3 gallons (262 liters) of water per day. This includes, in decreasing order, toilet use, washing machine use, showers, baths, faucet use, and leaks.  It is Water Select’s® mission to raise the industry standards regarding conservation of fresh water that is used for personal showers (including showerhead leaks); the third largest use of water in the home (30%); the fifth largest contributor to fresh water waste.

Through valve testing we have found that you can reduce the amount of water wasted while waiting for hot water to arrive at the showerhead by pulling down the extended handle to create a low-flow.  Time tests are consistently showing that the time required for the hot water to arrive at the tap is about the same, using either full or reduced-flows.  Turn the water on, direct it to the showerhead, pull the Water Select® handle down to reduce the flow to a trickle until the hot water arrives. Many people mistakenly believe that turning the hot tap to full-force is the way to get the cold water out of the water lines.  There really is no need to do that.  Hot water actually travels faster at a trickle.  This subtle change in behavior will save countless gallons of water with each shower taken.  Voluntary input dilutes the water emergency.

Water Select® Is Conservation With Immediate Effect and that is the Change we need.

Water Select® says that with the right mindset and constant diligence, we can re-educate ourselves toward conservation of water usage in the shower.  The time is NOW that we all CHANGE our direction with respect to water usage and water availability.

So Don’t Delay, buy a Water Select® valve today for every shower and make a Change in how we Conserve both Water and Energy. Thank You!   Water is the Quiet Emergency, which will benefit greatly with our willingness to Change!


Water Select®
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