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Reduce water use from 20% to 70% in the shower.

A huge return on investment - Calculate It Here

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See how the Water Select® showerhead valve works. Our showerhead valve allows even a child to easily control the flow of water, which can also be turned off completely. By keeping your existing showerhead you can enjoy the same shower you are used to without wasting water and washing your money down the drain. Our green products help conserve our planets most valuable natural resources.

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Reduce the amount of waste, energy, and water needed to take a shower. Water Select® Is Conservation With Immediate Effect saving the average family of three approximately $180+ per year on utilities. This calculation is based on the automatic 20% savings by simply installing the valve. If you actually use the valve by pulling the lever to slow or stop the flow of water while shaving, bathing, and shampooing you can save a lot more.


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