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The Water Select® valve allows a healthcare professional to slow the flow of water in the shower while bathing a patient. The water can be resumed at the same temperature when ready, which is quite pleasing for the patient. Sudden changes in temperature could make anyone unhappy, and the ability to slow or stop water flow helps keep the provider from getting soaked. Give our product a try and find out why more healthcare providers use the patented Water Select® valve.

Water Savings For Healthcare

Water Select® Helps Healthcare Professionals

Bathing the elderly or infirmed can be challenging for healthcare providers.  Water Select® was invented for the specific purpose of easing the difficulty of bathing an elderly man, without drenching the person administering the bath.  

The Water Select® valve allows the health care professional to 1) get the water to the desired temperature, 2) reduce the flow of water to a trickle, 3) place the person in the shower, 4) increase the flow of water to get the body wet, 5) reduce the flow once again to a trickle, which enables the person administering the bath to reach in and soap up their charge without getting drenched.  

The person taking the bath can still feel the warmth of the water while it trickles and when the flow is increased to rinse the patient off there is less likelihood of shocking the patient with water that is either too hot or too cold, which happens when you adjust the flow at the handles.

Water temperature variations during the bathing process can adversely affect the attitude of elderly people. Being able to increase/decrease the flow of water with the Water Select® valve, vs. using the hot/cold handles, creates an improved bathing environment for both the bathee and the bathor.

Using the Water Select® valve ultimately decreases the amount of water used during the showering process of bathing the elderly or infirmed. This water savings translates to bottom line savings on your water bill, sewer bill and the cost of heating the water.  The Water Select® valve is also effective in stopping showers that drip.

Water Select® Is Conservation With Immediate Effect.