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Reduce water use from 20% to 40% in the shower.

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Water Select® Is Conservation With Immediate Effect

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Support A Worthy Cause

Water Select® is raising money for a teenager who is fighting Glioblastoma brain cancer. Water Select® is donating 10% of sales on its new water saving technology, a product that pays for itself again & again, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Daniel Thompson was diagnosed with Glioblastoma which is a form of brain cancer. Glioblastomas typically contain cells that extend into the surrounding brain tissue. The doctors discovered Daniel has multiple tumors. Daniel was sent directly into emergency surgery where the doctors cut as much of the tumor out as possible. Because there are multiple tumors & some of the cancer is in areas that are inoperable, the only option left at this point is radiation / chemotherapy treatments. Daniel is currently in Tennessee undergoing radiation / chemotherapy treatments at St Jude where he is expected to recover and survive.

Water Select® is asking every person to donate, even if it is only $10 or $20, to help this teenager. The teen can also be helped by purchasing our new water saving green technology. Water Select® is giving 10% of the purchase price until December 15th, 2013 as a donation to help Daniel. The new technology by Water Select® pays for itself again & again creating a win – win situation for everyone involved. People are also encouraged to make a tax deductible financial contribution to Daniel's fund directly at

There are Facebook & Twitter share buttons above these paragraphs that have been set up to spread the word & help Daniel, so please use them. Updates on Daniel's progress will be posted on this page as we get them.

The new green technology by Water Select® conserves water & saves money. Go Green, enjoy a return on investment, and raise funds for a teenager who could really use some help right now. Water Select® is the most advanced and the most profitable method available in the specialty of water conservation in the shower.  Making a purchase at this time is a win-win for Daniel, water conservation and saving money every time a shower is enjoyed. Water Select® appreciates the support of everyone involved with this fundraiser.

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