Conservation With Immediate Effect

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Water Select® is Conservation With Immediate Effect

Utilizing our unique 15”, handicap operable, child accessible, extended handle, a Water Select® valve can adjust the flow-rate from full-on to completely off, all with a quarter-turn of the handle.  

A federal mandate requires all new shower heads to restrict the flow-rate (the amount of water that passes thru the showerhead) to 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute), or less.  Many vintage showerheads can use more than 5 gpm.  Water Select® offers a choice of 2 valves, in a variety of finishes, which are easily installed between the shower arm and your existing showerhead.

At check out our calculator page, where you can find out exactly what savings you can expect when you install a Water Select® valve in every shower in your home.  Our reduced-flow valve offers an automatic 20% savings, when used in conjunction with 2.5+ gpm showerheads, in the utility expenses associated with each shower.  For an average family of 3, this savings adds up to approximately a $180/year return on your valve investment.  If you use the quarter-turn handle, when possible, then the savings are in your control and can escalate as you desire.

Our most popular, fully adjustable, reduced-flow valve has a built-in reduced-flow rate of 2.0 gpm, when used in conjunction with a 2.5 gpm showerhead, gives an automatic savings of 20%; because it uses 1/2 gpm less water than the standard 2.5 gpm showerheads.  Our full-flow (FF) – non-restricted-flow valve, is necessary for the larger rain showerheads, flowing more than 2.5 gpm.  A Water Select® valve, with a full-flow showerhead, enables you to regulate the flow and contribute towards conservation.  This is especially important in times of drought and persistent water shortages.  Enjoy the same shower sensation after adding a Water Select® valve, because you still have the same water pressure and continue using your existing showerhead.

Water Select® is proud to contribute a new aspect to using utilities more efficiently and decreasing our monthly bills. To buy now go to